Center extends COVID-19 guidelines in view of emergence of new variant of the virus in the UK | Central government extends Covid-19 restrictions again

New Delhi: India is on high alert after the discovery of the genetically modified corona virus in the UK.

Genetically modified corona virus (Corona virus) This decision of the Central Government comes at a time when it is spreading in different parts of the world. Kovid in India (COVID-19) Despite the declining number of patients, the Union Home Ministry has warned that Kovid’s second coming, including in the UK, could spread fears.Home Ministry) Specified.

Monitoring and precautions will continue until the Kovid-19 epidemic is completely eradicated. The division of territories into container zones will continue. The restrictions prescribed here must be strictly adhered to. The Code of Conduct for Covid should be promoted. In addition, the SOPs prescribed in the various permitted activities must be strictly adhered to, the guideline says.

The state government should not announce a lockdown without consulting the Center. The guideline also says that the working hours of offices should be adjusted in cities where the test positive rate is more than 10 per cent. The guideline, issued on November 25, will last until January 31

The genetically modified corona virus, which is found in the UK, has been reported in European countries such as France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, as well as Canada, Japan, Australia and Lebanon.

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At the same time, the number of Kovid victims in the world has crossed eight crore and eleven lakhs. More than four lakh people have been newly diagnosed with the virus. 17,71,365 people died. At present, 20 million people are undergoing treatment. The United States, India and Brazil have the highest number of cases.

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