Cellphone vendors reduce production and lay off employees, full CEIR impact all

KOMPAS.com – At the end of last September, the capacity of blocking machines IMEI ilegal, Central Equipment Identity Register ( ASK), reportedly almost full. The IMEI number data for new cellphones from the manufacturer cannot be uploaded by the Ministry of Industry ( Ministry of Industry).

As a result, new cell phones sold to the market are threatened that they cannot connect with cellular operators, aka they cannot signal.

Chairman of the Government Relations Division of the Indonesian Cellphone Association (APSI) Syaiful Hayat also confirmed the news.

“So, since September 23, the Ministry of Industry could not upload IMEI number due to conditions serverit’s almost full. So the new cellphones produced after the 23rd do not turn on (not getting cellular signal-red), “said Syaiful when contacted KompasTekno, Sunday (10/10/2020).

According to Syaiful, currently the Ministry of Industry is still waiting for certainty Kominfo to unblock it so that the IMEI number of the new cellphone can be inputted into the CEIR machine.

“We have asked that the CEIR block be opened, so that we can enter the HKT IMEI (cellphone, handheld computer, tablet) since September 23. The Ministry of Industry also asked the Ministry of Communication and Information to open it immediately. So this is still the actual process,” explained Syaiful.

However, this could not be confirmed by Kominfo on the pretext of reviewing and ensuring that the uploaded IMEI number is a realized IMEI.

“Because actually Kominfo’s concern is the IMEI that isupload it is an unrealized IMEI, meaning an IMEI that may still not be produced. Kominfo wants to ensure that the IMEI that will beupload it is the IMEI that has been realized, “added Syaiful.

This of course can be detrimental to cellphone vendors and have an impact on customer interest when they want to buy a new device.

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“That’s a problem for us. We’ve imported, paid taxes, we’ve produced, we’ve been at outlets, continue to exist customer buy and it doesn’t turn on, that’s a problem in itself. So that’s what we avoid, “said Syaiful.

“If there is no certainty like this, business actors are also in trouble. Consumers can get angry too, right, why don’t they buy a signal,” he continued.

Cell phone vendors put production on hold and lay off employees

A number of vendors, said Syaiful, have also detained and even reduced the production capacity of their equipment. However, Syaiful did not explain in detail the vendors in question.

“Now the manufacturer has also held back and reduced production, because when it was produced and when (the cellphone) was about to be tested, it didn’t turn on right. warning also that there will be risks later, and now they are reducing production, “said Syaiful.

Another impact is also targeting the reduction of employees if the IMEI data input process is still experiencing problems.

“If it’s still not or there is no clarity, they (vendors) have started laying off employees, this is the report I have received,” concluded Syaiful.

Therefore, Syaiful hopes that Kominfo will take quick steps so that this problem does not drag on.

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“If there is still real space, in short, please open it first uploadwhile later maybe adding capacity. For example, if you want toreview yes if it can be done quickly, because the data is already in the Ministry of Industry, “concluded Syaiful.

Kominfo performs data cleaning

Regarding the almost full CEIR machine, Director General of Resources for Post and Information Technology Equipment of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ismail said that the government will clean up the unused IMEI number data.

Deleting old IMEI numbers that are no longer used is done to increase the data storage capacity in the CEIR machine, thus providing room for a new IMEI number.

Previously, the CEIR machine contained all IMEI number data for HKT devices, both new and old device data.

“Later it will clean up data on devices that are not used, damaged, dead, not realized, not produced, and not imported. Later it will be separated from the system so that it is clean again,” explained Ismail to KompasTekno, Wednesday (30/9/2020).

Furthermore, Ismail invited HKT manufacturers to register their IMEI number data with the Ministry of Industry. “But the data is correct, don’t be booking something that is not necessarily produced, “explained Ismail.

For information, the CEIR machine is in charge of verifying the data from the Equipment Identity Registration (EIR) machine on the side of the cellular operator, for further blocking illegal cell phones or BM.

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