Celine Dion paralyzed by spasms, overly talkative relatives cropped

Isolated in Las Vegas because of her health problems, at the origin of the postponement of her health together, Celine Dion would have reframed some members of her family, who would be too talkative.

The singer who suffers from spasm reproached them not for their speech on her health problems, but on Aline, the biopic of Valérie Lemercier.

The latter had taken care to proclaim her admiration for the Quebec singer she has followed for many years.

And according to rumors, spread by relatives of the Quebec star, his admiration is not reciprocal.

“She paid a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life,” lamented Claudette, Celine Dion’s older sister, known especially in France for having participated in “The Celebrity Farm in Africa”, a reality TV broadcast on TF1.

She ensured that this story had not touched him. According to the magazine Public, Celine Dion would be especially disappointed by her too talkative family.

Celine Dion has not yet viewed this realization of Valérie Lemercier.
“Busy with her health problems, she would be ready to find out, according to some sources. In short, if his family triggered
hostilities with the director, the diva, she waits to see ”.

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