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Celine Dion Makes First Public Appearance in 3 Years at Vegas Hockey Game

Celine Dion with her sons at the Las Vegas / Montreal hockey game

The match which was his first public appearance in 3 years.

Celine Dion seems to be getting better and better, information which should reassure his millions of fans across the globe. The singer, still living in Las Vegas for most of the year, made his first two public appearances in 3 years. One at a hockey game pitting the local Vegas team against that of Montreal, supported by Céline, and the other at the Katy Perry concert, where she was in very prestigious company. For the celebrity press, these appearances are proof that the singer is feeling much better. We even learned that she sang a few notes when she went to the hockey game!

During her visit to the ice rink, Céline Dion notably posed with Chantal Machabée, the vice-president of hockey communications for the Montreal Canadiens team. If the latter had already commented on this visit on Instagram, she was a little further in the columns of the American magazine People. She indeed explained that on this occasion, the Quebec diva had sung “a few notes” to the surprise and delight of all.

“It was an incredible moment. She’s an extraordinary woman. She’s been through a lot and to see her like that, smiling and happy, it’s incredible! I know she has good and not so good days, but it was a very good day and that was reassuring.”

The singer herself did not hide her pleasure at having met the players and management of her hometown team, as she wrote on Twitter in an enthusiastic message. All this gives us a lot of hope for the future!

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