Celia Lora shows her rocker and SENSUAL side; Metallica would be surprised: PHOTOS


Nowadays, Celia Lora She is considered as one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, not to mention her incredible physique that has caused heart attacks simultaneously on social networks.

Now the playmate, who aroused the darkest fantasies of his followers, returned to the fray on Instagram after posting a photo with the shirt of Metallica and underwear with transparencies.

Although this is not new, because on other occasions he has posted his love for rock through this type of clothing, now he did it in a way that made his account burn.

The publication had more than 30 thousand likes in one hour. Although you have disabled comments, you will surely receive thousands of compliments.

It is normal for the model and businesswoman to like this musical genre, as she is the daughter of an icon of Mexican rock: Alex Lora.

How about with a cap AC/DC

Another shirt, but from Guns N’ Roses.


By Digital Writing El Heraldo de México


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