«Celentano cheated on Claudia Mori with me because she was with…» – Baritalia News

Ornella Muti and Adriano Celentano they hit the box office when, in the eighties they shot some cult films together: “The Tamed Shrew ”,“ Madly in love”.

It has been rumored that between the two there was some tender in that period but in recent months and, precisely in August, it was the same Adriano Celentano to say it clearly: between him and Ornella Muti there was an overwhelming passion and he, for the Muti cheated on his beautiful wife, Claudia Mori.

Ornella Muti and her daughter Naike Rivelli guests at “Every morning” reveal the truth

Ornella Muti and daughter Naike they were guests, in connection from their home, with the transmission conducted by Adriana Volpe “Every morning”.

Naike Rivelli he asked his mother: “Why do you think Adriano Celentano felt so alone?». E Ornella Muti: «Because she was staying with someone else, or so they said».

And so Naike Rivelli he explained: «This thing happened with mom because evidently in the Celentano family they weren’t so happy. ‘

E Ornella Muti she wanted to add: “I was in crisis with my husband, I want to say it because I don’t want him to pass for a … since he was a very important man in my life.”

Therefore Ornella Muti revealed something no one knew: “Adriano Celentano he felt just why Claudia Mori he was staying with another “.

And then Naike Rivelli he also said: “Both of them should have taken this secret to the grave. From what I remember at one point I was told that it was not the right thing and Mom left like crazy. You have not received confirmation, now the confirmation has arrived from the Mr. Celentano and Mrs. Claudia Mori because mum would never have opened her mouth… We’re just putting the dots on the i’s ”.

And again: “To find out how it went maybe you should ask the Mori and Celentano who have talked a lot about it and perhaps open their doors and tell you everything ».

Naike Rivelli’s reaction to Adriano Celentano’s revelation

When in August Adriano Celentano he wanted to reveal that he had cheated on his wife Claudia Mori with Ornella Muti, Naike Rivelli did not take it well and commented: “Thank mom instead of spitting on the past”

And then: «I find that taking out the skeletons from the closets, after years and years of silence, without consulting with those directly involved, is very bad taste. I also think that it is a very unchristian and disparaging way to use this type of argument to get people talked about and appear in all the newspapers.. You can have all the money and followers you want, but the class always remains the class and it’s not for everyone».

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