Celebrity-Mali: Sidiki Diabaté paid a huge bail to regain his freedom

Incarcerated on September 21, 2020 in Bamako for alleged beatings and sequestration on his ex-partner, Sidiki Diabaté lived a last quarter, very agitated of the year before regaining his freedom.

Indeed, free to move, the announcement of the release of Sidiki Diabaté was made by Aly Traoré, manager of the Malian artist. “All the steps have been taken, we have been granted provisional release for Sidiki Diabaté”, did he declare. According to Aly Traoré, known as “Castro”, this provisional release was possible against the payment of a deposit.

At the same time, he hinted that he wanted “less people around the Bamako remand center to get him home quietly,” reports Afriqshowbiz. “After three months of preventive detention, our lawyers informed us that Sidiki Diabaté paid a deposit of 15 million CFA francs (nearly 23,000 euros) to have provisional release”, said Balla Mariko, member of the Alliance Against Gender-Based Violence.

“Our fight against gender-based violence continues, we trusted justice, we are not opposed to this request for provisional release”, he added.

Very famous before, the Malian artist dropped his popularity after this incident and moreover, regarding his affair, opinion is divided Mali.

“At any time the person detained on remand can request his provisional release. It is under these conditions that Sidiki Diabaté requested his provisional release, ”his lawyer, Me Cheick Omar Konaré, told the BBC.

“The first examining magistrate refused freedom, we appealed and the indictment chamber of the Court of Appeal decided to grant the release on bail of 15 million CFA francs”, explained the defender of the artist.


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