Celebrity Big Brother: Emmy stabs Udo in the back – and who’s out in the end

Senay also argued with a similar reason.

Above all, Werner stood up for Udo: “I think Claudia has so much inner strength that he can cope better with moving out than Udo.” According to Werner, the latter could suffer “serious damage” if it were to fly.

In the end, Claudia was voted out of fairytale land.

What else happened on the 4th day in Märchenlang:

Elene, Katy and Emmy took part in the swan challenge. The task: The candidates had to drive a large gooseneck over the water and use it to collect balls hanging in the air.

Emmy was allowed to go shopping for the fourth time in a row. However, she missed the start signal. Instead of starting shopping, she started twerking. A full 15 seconds passed before Emmy was notified of her mistake. Finally she got a second chance and was allowed to buy basic food for 12 euros.

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