‘Celebrity Bake Off’ shows celebrities in action in its first trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released this Thursday the official trailer of Celebrity Bake Off, which means that we can already see their disparate group of contestants in action. 12 celebrities who will give their best to become the best VIP pastry chef in Spain, although they will star in all kinds of situations along the way.

‘Celebrity Bake Off’ comes to Amazon: “They are used to not even coughing and here they have to sweat”

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That is what can be deduced from this first trailer, which shows, among other things, the actor Pablo rivero suffering from his finger in a piping bag, to the former referee Iturralde González hesitating ex footballer Joan Capdevila, to the pianist James Rhodes cooking torrijas o influence her Paula Gonu taking selfies with the model Andres Belencoso.

A separate chapter deserves the good harmony between Esty Quesada and Hope Aguirre. “I have already told you that you are very sweet, even if you do not want to seem so”, says the former president of the Community of Madrid to her program partner, who already advanced in the past FesTVal her connection with the former popular leader: “I told her jokes about ETA and laughed “.

Celebrity Bake Off, VIP version of the format Bake Off that already aired Cuatro in 2019, will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on December 16. And it will also do so in full, since the 10 chapters (50 minutes) that make up this first edition will be available from that same day, as reported by the company.

In this way, Amazon renounces recent strategies such as Netflix with Love with surety, The outcome of which was saved for a week to try to lengthen their social conversation. Something that he did well to try after what happened with his previous bet, the reality show Insiders, which was tarnished by its launch model. The one that now repeats Prime Video with Celebrity Bake Off, which will entrust everything to the mouth-ear that its powerful casting can generate in the first days:

  • Chenoa
  • Andrés Velencoso
  • Soraya Arnelas
  • Yolanda ramos
  • Pablo rivero
  • Adriana Torrebejano
  • James Rhodes
  • Iturralde González
  • Paula Gonu
  • Joan Capdevila
  • Hope Aguirre
  • Esty Quesada

Paula Vazquez and Brays Efe will be in charge of driving each delivery, with Clara Villalon (chef, gastronomic consultant and author of The Cupcake Club) and Frédéric Bau (master chocolatier, renowned pastry chef, director of L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat and author of Au coeur des saveurs) as the judges in charge of evaluating the contestants’ elaborations, who must demonstrate that they are capable of reaching the level established by the program to avoid elimination and win the final victory.

Celebrity Bake Off España It is produced in Spain by Boxfish TV and has Edi Walter and Mariano Tomiozzo as executive producers.



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