Celebrity Andrea Gunawan Realizes the Need for Hair Removal Tools at Home

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – During the pandemic, many people have experienced discomfort in their bodies. Especially women. They can’t shave their body hair comfortably.

Because, when the Covid-19 case was at its highest, the government imposed an emergency PPKM that limited mobility. The public is advised to stay at home.

The shopping center is closed. Automatic clinic that serves hair removal also not operating.

Content creator as well as celebrity Andrea Gunawan or known Catwomanizer, realizing the need for tools hair removal in that situation.

For this reason, he launched an at-home IPL hair removal product so that everyone can do it at home.

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This modern handset named Velvet by Elektra is under the brand name Elektra Intimates and Yuna & Co., a platform for life-enriching products supported by data learning technology.

Aimed at modern, active and dynamic Indonesian millennials, Elektra Intimates offers practical solutions hair removal which can be done anytime in the comfort of your own home.

Data from The Beauty Clinic shows the average time a person spends shaving is 72 days for women and 750 days for men.

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Velvet by Elektra is a non-laser hair removal product that is commonly used to remove hair, acne, wrinkles, as well as age spots on the skin.

Yuna & Co. Together with Catwomanizer launch IPL hair removal at Home Elektra Intimates #ChooseHairFree (ist)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology works by emitting light waves on the targeted skin area to deactivate the hair follicles.


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