Celebrities and television faces mourn the death of Pato Araya: “He left very young at 76 years old” | TV and Show

This morning the death of Patricio Araya, known in Chile as the “Stylist of the Show and the Famous”. The professional had been infected with coronavirus in March of this year and was hospitalized for several weeks at the UC Clinic.

Araya had been working for the play Ladies’ Orchestra, in which a strong coronavirus outbreak emerged, which affected the actors Cristián Campos, Luis Gnecco and Tomás Vidiella (died from COVID-19).

In the last few minutes, several Chilean actors and celebrities have reacted to the death of the stylist, who was one of the most beloved figures in the world of Chilean television and entertainment.

One of the first TV faces to publicly refer to this unfortunate event was Raquel Argandoña, Araya’s friend.

“Dear friend, you don’t know how sorry I am. You were and will continue to be an important part of my life, I wish you a nice trip to heaven and wait for us that we will be together again, “he wrote.

Jordi Castell, Chilean photographer and communicator, he was also saddened by the death of Araya and left an emotional message on his Instagram account.

“I was lucky to be in your house and with Alejandro, the man with whom they built life, They were luxurious hosts, listening to your advice on how to be alert, awake in this world full of ‘bitches’ and your analyzes about ego, fame and all those tricks that thanks to your wisdom and lucidity, I had the privilege of learning that they should be what as far as possible. Rest in peace Pato Araya, ”he wrote.

From the morning Pleasure the driver Karla Constant He referred to the trajectory that the stylist had with celebrities and television faces.

“Patricio Araya worked on our channel. It is news that moves us, saddens us, because this disease does have faces, beyond the famous. Patricio, your legacy will be recognized forever and we send a hug to all his family ”, he expressed to the air.

In Good morning to all They also gave signs of affection towards Araya’s family and recalled the career he had on television.

“He was a highly recognized stylist with a long history, he marked many milestones in participating in the preparation of great faces of film, music and song. We want to say goodbye to him by sending a fraternal hug to his closest ones. He left very young at 76 years old. He was a very kind person, a gentleman, ”said Gonzalo Ramírez.

For her part, María Luisa Godoy joined in the displays of affection and acknowledged that she had known Patricio Araya from a very young age.

“We are talking about one of the greats in the media when it comes to being a stylist, recognized by all, dearly loved as well. Everyone emphasizes that we are talking not only about someone generous with his talent, but on the human side he cared. Personally, I knew Pato Araya from the age of four, from a lifetime. He was cheerful, affectionate, with a family that adores him ”, he commented.



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