Celebrating the release of Nora Iksten’s new book and Ducele’s CD Three of Pardaugava / Day

The event was attended by many well-known members of various Latvian organizations in exile, friends and a large group of journalists and public figures, including artist Ivars Mailītis, Linda Mūrniece and Ilze Jurkāne, who is the author of the book’s introductory words, In Pardaugava The musical course of Vilnius Baumanis and his group members began in New Jersey.

Nora Ikstena’s latest book tells the story of the legendary Latvian exile group Three from Pardaugava and the life and songs of the group leader Vilnius Baumanis. Wave himself, telling about his adventures, has become a co-author of the book. The book is complemented by a rich and historical photo collection depicting the movements of legendary musicians across the ocean. The design was created by the artist Katrīna Vasilevska, who created the designs for several books by Nora Iksten. In turn Duceles The album is designed by Ivars Mailītis, the artist of the group’s concert poster.

Ilze Jurkāne: “It is not easy to explain how important it was Three from Pardaugava songs, recordings, performances and concerts. I very much hope that the readers of the book and the listeners of the songs will feel the great faith, hope and love for Latvia that Vilnis, Fēlikss and Mārtiņš put into their songs at that time. And you will also feel the great pain and injustice that our Latvia – so dear to the people, both on this side and on this side – was forcibly occupied. Listening to their songs at a time when Latvia’s independence did not seem real, the flame of hope always lit up in my heart. “

Groups Duke spokesman and one of the authors of the idea of ​​this publication Arnis Veisbārdis: “We all know Chicago five, but we have forgotten some other Latvian exile groups that have maintained the spirit of independence of our nation during the occupation of Latvia. The subtle self-irony of the group’s leader Vilnis Baumanis is a great characteristic of the Latvian people, Vilnius has managed to bring it through all his creative life. “

Book publisher Guntars Račs (Publishing House MicRec): “This is a very unusual meeting. The pages of the book bring together Latvia and America, the past and the present, Nora Ikstena and Vilnis Baumanis. With the help of this book, readers will also become participants in this unique meeting. The songs included on the CD is not lost and everything continues to happen here and now. Three from Pardaugava have left their mark not only on the everyday life of Latvians in exile, but also here in Latvia. It’s time to learn more. “

The book can be purchased in bookstores throughout Latvia as well www.micrec.lv.

A book complete with an album will also be available Duceles on a concert tour Monika: Valmiera k / c (9.10.), Madona k / n (10.10.), Jēkabpils, Kurstpils k / n (11.10.), Smiltene k / c (16.10.), Saldus county, Kalnu k / n (17.10.) , Dobele k / n (18.10.), Ādaži k / n (22.10.), Talsi t / n (25.10.), Slampe k / p (29.10.), Kuldīga k / c (30.10.), Limbaži k / n (1.11.), Skrīveri k / c (5.11.), Ropaži k / c (14.11.) And Viesīte k / p (29.11.).

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