Celebrating 60 Years of “From Russia with Love”: A Special Edition of Archive 007 Podcast

007_David_Acín, Edu_150 and Ebardo celebrate From Russia with love

NOW OPEN he Monthly podcast 180 of Archive 007 in which we celebrate the 60th anniversary of From Russia with love:

David Acín (007_David_Acín) con Edward (Edu_150) and other Eduardo (Ebardo) break down Sean Connery’s second film as James Bond, a crowd favorite.

In addition, our usual sections:

00:00:00 Presentation
00:03:26 Greetings to Edu_150
00:04:58 Promo Taller Skywalker
00:05:36 Opinions from listeners
00:09:28 The spontaneous
00:11:47 News of the month
00:25:06 The news of the month
00:27:53 Ephemeris
00:30:02 Promo Ian Fleming and James Bond: Spain Connection
00:31:20 Debate From Russia with love with Edu_150 and Ebardo
01:44:00 Promo Club File 007
01:44:28 Farewell
01:45:58 Final theme

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2023-06-01 16:40:07
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