Celebrate the 31st despite a cardiovascular disease

In case of cardiovascular disease, the balance of the diet consists in controlling weight, regulating blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. On your New Year’s Eve plate, encourage the guests on the homemade to avoid processed fats.

Prefer wholemeal breads for toast appetizers, appetizers and cheeses, richer in fiber, precisely capable of lowering blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

If possible, limit the addition of butter-based sauces to accompany meats, fish or other crustaceans. Prefer light creams and lemon juice. Good news for fish lovers: the star of the 31st, salmon, is a sacred reserve of omega 3, these polyunsaturated fatty acids precisely recommended for heart health! Finally, the salt intake should be watched on the plate of heart failure patients for example. To avoid losing flavor, bet on aromatic herbs and spices.

Also avoid puffs often high in fat. In substitution you can make chaplains or small pies from sheets of brick. Finally, for dessert, sorbets, dark chocolate and fruit preparations (light mousses, gratins, etc.) are your friends, much more than the cream logs.

In glasses, the consumption of alcohol is obviously to be limited. These drinks actually increase blood pressure. Unless prohibited, you can enjoy bubbles or good wines. But in moderation to preserve your heart and not endure the fatigue of the next day. If you feel like it, try the alcohol-free cocktails!

Another area in which it is possible to prevent recurrence or to preserve your sick heart as much as possible … sleep. The heart tires quickly and the body can suffer the consequences. Enjoy the evening, but don’t hesitate to go to bed if you feel tired or short of breath, for example. This is very possible if the evening is rich in emotions and you have followed a few steps on the dance floor.

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Note: every day in France, 400 patients die from cardiovascular diseases. These pathologies are the leading cause of death for women over 65.

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