Cédric Jubillar, this suspect who says too much or not enough

Liar, manipulator, it was scary, he didn’t talk much… When you question those who have worked with or crossed paths with Cédric Jubillar, in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn) positive comments are quite rare. Nothing surprising in this, according to one of his lawyers, Me Jean-Baptiste Alary: Rarely do you hear good things about a person prosecuted in a criminal case. Rightly or wrongly, it is. These kinds of reviews always baffle me.sweep the lawyer.

However, for almost two years, all eyes have been on Cédric Jubillar, a 35-year-old plasterer, suspected of killing his wife Delphine, in the night between 15 and 16 December 2020. Many are wondering about this man, a starting with the investigating judges who indicted and then imprisoned him in June 2021.

Reconstruction of what may have happened in the couple’s home that night could shed some light on this mystery. It will take place on December 13, almost two years after the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, a night nurse, 33 at the time of her disappearance. But if certain testimonies and expert reports cast doubt on the husband, so far there has been no confession or body or irrefutable material evidence.


Jean-Baptiste Alary, one of Cédric Jubillar’s three lawyers, with Alexandre Martin and Emmanuelle Franck. © Afp

“Serious and concordant clues”

Each element taken in isolation does not constitute proof, it is true. But all of them, lined up, represent serious and concordant cluesdoes not move Philippe Pressecq, lawyer of a cousin of Delphine Jubillar.

The story of Louis, the couple’s eldest son, who saw his parents arguing that night; the testimony of two neighbors who say they heard screams coming from the couple’s home; an expert report that certifies it Delphine Jubillar’s phone (which has not been found), would not have left the house or its vicinity that night… Without forgetting the marital context: Delphine’s desire to leave her husband, who she evidently couldn’t stand anymore and who had met another man.

So ? Thus, while waiting for the investigations to try to shed light on the drama of the night between 15 and 16 December 2020, rue Yves-Montant, in Cagnac-les-Mines, it is the personality of Cédric Jubillar who questions himself. On several occasions, this man has made ambiguous, enigmatic, sweeping and threatening remarks towards Delphine.

Suspecting that his wife had met another man, him don’t hesitate to “spy” on it. : monitor the expenses you make with your credit card, geolocate it when you are away for too long… To a friend of Delphine who ended up asking her: Was it you who killed her?He answered: Y there is no evidence!reports Me Pressecq.

“I’ll bury him”

At the beginning of November 2020, when the couple was already falling apart, Cédric Jubillar had said to his mother: “I’m sick of DelphineI will kill her, I will bury her and no one will find her (1). Later, in May 2021, Cédric Jubillar, who has not yet been in pre-trial detention, talks to his little sister.

However, this unbridled conversation is intercepted by the investigators: Don’t forget, I committed the perfect crime. If you need advice because someone at school is annoying you, you tell me, I’ll take care of it […] You look at him and say: do you know who my brother is? It’s jubilee!, he told him. Just bad taste bluster?

photo"> photo me philippe pressecq, attorney for a cousin of delphine jubillar.  © Western France

I Philippe Pressecq, lawyer of a cousin of Delphine Jubillar. © FRANCE WEST

Even more disturbing. In the spring of 2021, Cédric Jubillar, who has been a member of dating sites for many months, meets Séverine, a forty-year-old who lives a few kilometers from Cagnac-les-Mines. The new couple will live together, in each other’s houses, for several weeks. Thus inevitably, the question of Cédric Jubillar’s guilt or innocence torments his new companion, who ends up interrogating him. I buried her in the farmhouse that burned downhe answers again.

Moment of truth or yet another provocation? A few weeks later, he makes similar comments to a fellow Corsican prisoner he assigns to Séverine to hide the body in a better place. Once again, the investigators are watching. The gendarmes searched and searched the place. They searched the area and found nothing.recalls her lawyer Me Alary.

“Like a provocation”

According to him, the worrying responses of his client, who is also a heavy cannabis user, can be easily explained: By dint of being questioned, questioned, it’s normal, he ended up answering anything. What he said to his partner, in the spring of 2021, he threw everywhere, a bit like a provocation.

A neighbor of Mr and Mrs Jubillar that we met, doesn’t even believe in the hypothesis of Delphine’s body that would have been buried near the burnt farm, that is, not far from the residential complex where she lived. Have you tried to get there? ask us. Then try it! The occupant of the premises will come immediately and his dogs with them. I doubt that Cédric Jubillar can come and bury his wife there at night in peace.observe.

But if it’s not him, why then did they make these disturbing even threatening remarks? This shows an immature personality who sometimes reacts with taunts or excessive language., Alary believes me. Immature, self-centred, sometimes arrogant and self-confident, they are in fact in the conclusions of Cédric Jubillar’s psychiatric report, revealed by The Parisian.

Liar, we added several neighbors. During his first statements to the investigators, Cédric Jubillar had assumed that his wife could have gone out at night to walk the couple’s dogs. He was the one who walked the dogs. Not her. They were his dogsassures one of them, who admits he doesn’t carry it in his heart.

He still remembers that time when Cédric Jubillar’s son Louis asked his wife if he could come and play the piano with them. He was still small and had expressed himself perfectly. Then my wife pointed it out to her father. But her answer had made her uneasy. She had made her understand that it was better that her son behaved well …

photo"> photo many people paid tribute to delphine jubillar in front of the couple's house in cagnac-les-mines.  © Western France

Many people paid their respects to Delphine Jubillar in front of the couple’s home in Cagnac-les-Mines. © FRANCE WEST

“He belittled her”

Words like this, your lawyer has heard by the dozen. Even Cédric Jubillar was not, it is said, a very brave person. The state of his house, still unfinished from the outside, does not, it is true, speak in favor of this man of the building.

But these character traits or behaviors do not mean murder.insists Me Alary remembers that Delphine Jubillar it has never been abused. He spoke badly to her, belittled hernuance Me Pressecq, attorney for a cousin of Delphine Jubillar.

The latter has the scathing formula when evoking the suspect’s personality: Cédric Jubillar sucks, but he’s not stupid. He is convinced of it: this man with a difficult childhood, tossed between an abusive stepfather and foster homes, he couldn’t bear that she wanted to leave him. She delphine held him at arm’s length. The up and down jobs of the plasterer painter had ended up being a source of tension in the couple. And I Pressecq to add: “He loved her, but he loved her a lot. Delphine had agreed to stay with him until the end of the year to fulfill this family fantasy one last time. Unfortunately, staying will have been his undoingHe believes.

But whatever is said about him, Cédric Jubillar continues to claim his innocence. I Alary warns: In this case, the doubt is too strong. Send it back today to the court of assizesfor the prosecution, he’s taking a big risk

(1): Comments quoted in Ronan Folgoas’ book, “The Jubilee Mystery” Study done.

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