CDC Reveals Vaccine Effectiveness in Pregnant Women and Children, Its Performance Can Increase Up To 80 Percent

JAKARTA, – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted research with a number of researchers from a number of hospitals. They analyzed data from 379 hospitalized infants.

The results of the study found that Covid-19 vaccine shown to be 61 percent effective in preventing hospitalization in children whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy.

“Right now we want to make sure that we protect the mother and the baby,” said Dana Meaney-Delman of the CDC.

Not only that, protection can increase to 80 percent, when the mother is vaccinated 21 weeks to 14 days before delivery. Then the vaccine’s effectiveness dropped to 32 percent for babies whose mothers were injected earlier during pregnancy.

The study authors caution that estimates of effectiveness in early pregnancy should be interpreted with caution due to the small sample size.

“So one pregnant women willing to be vaccinated, he has to do it first.” he said

According to the CDC, pregnant women are at increased risk of severe disease due to: Covid-19. Then becoming infected during pregnancy can increase the risk of premature birth, stillbirth, and possible other pregnancy complications.

The CDC recommends that women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to become pregnant now, or may become pregnant in the future need to be vaccinated and stay up to date with Covid-19 injection.

Editor: Leonardus Selwyn Kangsaputra

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