CDA still has 5 (five) seats left –

“We run this country”, said a CDA member of parliament barely 20 years ago. And he was right too. But if elections were to be held now, the CDA – reduced to 15 seats on March 17 – would have 5 seats left. The largest Christian Democratic party is now the ChristenUnie with 7 seats.

Since the elections, VVD, D66 and CDA have lost 14 seats together, 3 of which in the past week. Of those seats, 6 have come to BBB, 3 to PvdA+GroenLinks and 3 to Volt.

The poll was held before Mona Keizer was fired and does not take into account Pieter Omzigt’s participation in elections with his own list

The respondents were asked which politicians had made a positive distinction during the General Reflections. A maximum of 3 politicians could be named. These were the politicians mentioned by 10% or more:

  • Circumstances (29%)
  • Rutte (17%)
  • Wilders (17%)
  • Jetten (16%)
  • Van der Plas (15%)
  • Piano (15%)
  • Hermans (14%)
  • Marijnissen (13%)

They were also allowed to name a maximum of three politicians who considered themselves to be negatively distinguished. This is then the top 5.

  • Baudet (55%)
  • Rutte (29%)
  • Wilders (26%)
  • Jetten (18%)
  • Piano (15%)
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