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The CD Projekt company briefed on the future of the gaming portfolio on Tuesday afternoon. Although we have already heard many times from the mouth of the representatives of the studio that they remain loyal to two brands – The Witcher and Cyberpunk – this time the developers have named the individual projects and clarified them. The result is quite surprising, because there has been a formal announcement of the development of the second Cyberpunk and five titles within the Witcher series. Furthermore, the Polish company has confirmed that it is also starting work on a third brand, which in the future will expand its catalog and take players to a completely different universe, not yet developed.

Five new Witchers

“Our core values ​​remain the same – we want to create groundbreaking RPGs with unforgettable stories,” he says at the outset published document Company CEO Adam Kiciński. Further information is surprisingly simple, and the study openly aims to list individual projects and their job titles, which we will likely encounter in the coming years. First of all, CD Projekt recalls the commitment to release an improved version of The Witcher 3 for the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles by the end of 2022. It also mentions the recently announced story DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, which is called Phantom Liberty. and will be the only such addition to the game mentioned. But then he looks further into the future and devotes himself to the Witcher first.

The first part of the new saga – which CD Projekt openly calls another trilogy – has the working title Polaris. This is a game that already was officially announced also through the first work of art, on which there is a witcher medallion in the shape of a lynx thrown in the snow. It has already been said that CD Projekt will not have enough of one game, and probably not even two, so a trilogy seems to be a logical conclusion and a repetition of what happened in the case of the first trilogy. However, CD Projekt points out that this time around it might be a little different, as 2007’s first The Witcher differed significantly from the second part and the latter – albeit a little less – from the last part. “Parts two and three will build on the technological foundation created for Polaris, which should simplify development and allow the studio to focus on achieving its creative vision,” add the developers. We also remember that CD Projekt changed the engine and replaced its proprietary RED Engine with Unreal Engine.

Two more titles are in the works, which should expand the brand beyond traditional RPG players.

However, as already revealed by the title of this report, the new trilogy will not be the only one that will be created within the universe of witches. There are two other titles in the pipeline that should expand the brand beyond traditional RPG players, below which nothing concrete can be imagined at the moment. This is true at least in the case of the first game, Project Sirius, which was developed at Boston studio The Molasses Flood and should be focused on both single player and multiplayer. “The game will take place in the world of The Witcher, but differs from our previous titles in that it caters to a much wider audience,” say the developers, drawing a potential live game with an elaborate story and endgame content aimed more at gamers. group, whether they are already engaged in combat according to the PvE or PvP rules. What exactly is being created in Melasses Flood, however, we don’t dare to guess too much right now.

The second title is the Canis Majoris project, which should be another full-fledged RPG in the spirit of the main series – the first or second – and will most likely integrate it with another story with other characters. This game was developed in an external studio, but has been worked on by people who have previously worked on previous games in the Witcher series. If you wanted to get the job title, yes, it refers to the Canis Major constellation, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a reference to something in the game or just the use of stars for job titles in general. Both Polaris and Sirius are other stars, so we would accept a general rather than a specific key in this regard.

Announcement of the new Cyberpunk

And to this corresponds the designation of the last more specific project – Orion – which is nothing more than a continuation of Cyberpunk. We can interpret the news as an announcement of the game and a confirmation that CD Projekt intends to continue the series, albeit unsurprisingly. The game is expected to harness the full potential of the Cyberpunk world and likely bring another story based on the original game. However, the developers have not added anything more detailed and it will likely take some time before we learn more about Orion. But we also owe you confirmation that CD Projekt is opening another development cell in Boston, where The Molasses Flood studio already operates, and plans to increase the number of employees in the Vancouver studio. This should create a strong North American enclave of their studios, which will be able to effectively help with the development of the described titles and their own games. And that’s exactly how the last game listed should be, the Hadar project, which will launch the third branch of development and push it into a whole new universe.

“We started playing with this idea a few years ago. The concept phase was launched at an early stage in 2021 and, for the first time in our company’s history, the brand is created entirely under our direction,” say the developers. . This means that it will almost certainly not be an adaptation of any world already created, but a completely original theme, which however will not reach players in the form of a full game for a long time. No games in the true sense of the word are created, everything is at the beginning and the foundations of future series are just being laid. At least that’s how board member Michał Nowakowski talks about the Hadar project, but he refrained from further comments in relation to the project.

“Looking to the future, we have three unique and strong brands ahead of us. At the heart of each of them, we envision a growing number of single player games with an unforgettable story, enriched by multiplayer experiences “, sums up the company’s CEO, underlining that individual teams are proud of their achievements and are taking courageous steps to achieve their ambitions

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