CBM Elche pursues excellence

The female warriors from the CBM Elche beat this Friday the BMC Liberbank Gijón, accompanied by a great atmosphere in the Esperanza Lag pavilion (32-26). Elche has almost five months without losing and is consolidated in the second place in the classification, with 24 points, two from the leader, Bera Bera.

Elche played one of the best games of the season, of the whole team. The franjiverdes were very effective in all the phases of the game and from the beginning they entered very concentrated in the meeting.

The group from El Salvador was superior to Liberbank Gijón. Although the Asturians posed a competitive duel, they did not commit turnovers and with this they managed not to harm them in the transitions.

The visitor Cecilia Cacheda she was the one who found the most launch solutions clearly in her positional attack. However, in Elche, the solutions were given by various players, it was not so focused on a protagonist.

In addition, the green goal, without making a great match, was one point above the rival. Elche came to enjoy a nine-goal advantage in the last five minutes.

The negative note was carried out by the injury Cacheda suffered in a collision with the illicit defense, in which his left hand was injured so he had to visit the hospital.

At the end of the game, Elche coach Joaquín Rocamora thanked the public because it is allowing them “to live a dream and, day by day, the atmosphere in our city is spectacular.”

Rocamora highlighted their satisfaction, not only for the victory, but for the way they did it and for having won not only the two points but also in the goalscoring, which allows them to distance themselves three games from a direct rival like the Asturians.

The coach congratulated all his players “because this result is due to many months of work.” “Everyone should value and enjoy this moment because it is very difficult to be in front of a team that has spent almost five months without losing and they have done it, so the work carried out by these players must be appreciated, in its fair measure. and enjoy them, “added Rocamora.

On the next day, CBM Elche will face Conservas Orbe BM Porriño, on Saturday, March 7, at 6:00 p.m., in the municipal pavilion of Porriño.

CBM Elche: Nicole Morales (goalkeeper), Ekaterina Zhukova (1), Laura Hernández (6), María Flores, Jennifer Gutiérrez (13), Clara Gascó (3), Ana Martínez (7) (starting 7), Patricia Méndez, Isabel Fernández- Agustí, Ivet Musons, Mª Asunción Sánchez (goalkeeper), Lysa Tchaptchet (1), Paula Arcos (1), Paula Carmona. Coach, Joaquín J. Rocamora.

BMC Liberbank Gijón: Raquel Álvarez (goalkeeper), Raquel Caño (1), Marizza Faría (2), María González (1), Lorena Téllez (3), Aida Palicio (4), Giuliana Gavilán (2) (starting 7), Nerea Nieto, Laura Rivas, Cecilia Cacheda (13), Debora Torreira, Estefanía Ruiz, Natalia Montilla. Coach, Diego Lafuente.

Referees: Sebastián Fernández and Alberto Murillo (Territorial Fed. Andalucía).
Scoreboard every 5 minutes: 2-0, 5-1, 9-5, 11-9, 14-10, 15-12 (rest), 18-15, 21-17, 23-19, 27-21, 30- 23, 32-26 (final).

Track: Esperanza Lag municipal pavilion, Elche.



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