Cavani is like MU licking his own spit


Edinson Cavani officially belong Manchester United. The Red Devils are like licking their own saliva, because seven years ago they wanted it but were doubtful.

In the final minutes of the transfer market this summer, Manchester United officially signed Edinson Cavani. The 33-year-old aging striker was obtained free of charge and tied up for a season, after his contract expired with French League club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Edinson Cavani considered to be a solution for the attack line Manchester United. Moreover, the record for the goals of the Uruguayan was not playing games.

In a note Transfermarkt, he scored 104 goals in 138 appearances in all competitions with Napoli, then recorded 200 goals in 301 games at PSG.

Reporting from Mirror, there are surprising facts about Manchester United and Edinson Cavani. It seems that seven years ago, the Red Devils were already interested in buying Cavani.

At that time, Cavani was still playing at Napoli. MU felt they had to find a new goal machine when the Sir Alex Ferguson era ended in 2013 and was replaced by David Moyes.

David Moyes and his team also went directly to Italy three times to watch the game Edinson Cavani at the stadium. As a result, Moyes and his team were not interested in Cavani, who was then 26 years old.

When he was young, Edinson Cavani was glimpsed by MU but was reluctant to be attracted by David Moyes who was the manager of the Red Devils at the time (Getty Images)

As a result, Edinson Cavani continued his career at PSG. There, he successfully tasted all domestic competition titles.

Now, Cavani is finally matched with Manchester United. If seven years ago when Cavani’s golden age, MU recruited him, another history would have been created.

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