Caution! This Christmas message from dm and Co. is a trap

It is an open secret that criminals take advantage of Christmas and other festivities of the year to steal money or your data. The question that arises over and over again is how skillfully they are doing this and whether they are changing their tactics. In the current case of spam, which the Austrian website Mimikama reported, the well-known scheme is used. That’s behind the Christmas news.

Christmas message from dm or Rossmann? It is a trap

According to reports, the scammers use the most popular messenger WhatsApp as a message channel. Christmas messages arrive via the messenger from the drugstores dm or Rossmann, which at first glance look deceptively real. You will not only receive a greeting in the message, but also the real logo of both companies. In addition, the fraudsters lure with sweepstakes and allegedly limited gifts.

If, on the one hand, the correct web address is stored in the message by both dm and Rossmann, on the other hand, the one you are supposed to click on is cryptic. And that’s where you can turn the tables.

Detect spam and protect yourself from it

If you get a message in which a dubious looking URL is stored, you should be suspicious from the outset. First of all, it doesn’t matter whether you get the message from a friend or someone else’s number. The important thing is: Don’t click on it and open the website. Because behind it are manipulated websites with which you either download malware onto your smartphone or your data is tapped. And you shouldn’t divulge your data under any circumstances.

The current Christmas spam from dm and Rossmann has Mimikama played through the scenario. The scammers will first send you through a long questionnaire on the fake website, in which gift boxes can be opened again and again. In the end, there are allegedly 2,000 euros in profit. But the crux of the matter: You have to forward the message to 20 friends so that you can get the money. With the alleged Christmas greeting from dm, you end up falling into a subscription trap if you play through the competition and at the end give your mobile phone number. According to Mimikama, the costs then amount to 3.99 euros per week.

And this is where the second characteristic comes into play, by which you can recognize spam: These messages usually have the “forward” symbol above the message. An indication that other people have already sent the message countless times. You should break this wave and just delete the message right away. If you got the spam from a friend, it is best to point out the fraudulent intent to them as well.

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