Caution, health risk! Never just eat frozen berries


Berries taste great in dessert, on cake or as a snack in between. However, they can also contain pathogens. Storage and consumption tips.

Freshness Raspberries are sensitive to pressure. Therefore, consumers best store them in a flat container in the fridge, advises the Bremen Consumer Center. It is best not to place the raspberries on top of each other and cover everything with a dry cloth.

Heat frozen berries well before eating

Raspberries keep up to three days in the fridge. Alternatively, you can use the fruit also freeze – and later about as Smoothie enjoy. Then you should heat the fruits to 90 degrees before eating, the consumer advocates advise. Because on all frozen berries can Noroviruses get there – the heat destroys them.

Typical NorovirusSymptoms: A infection with the norovirus, it becomes noticeable within a very short period of time: Most of the time, the person affected initially suffers from severe abdominal pain, which can expand to cramps. In addition, there is usually nausea and vomiting. Also diarrhea is one of the typical complaints.

Raspberries are healthy: they contain a lot Vitamin C and Vitamin B. They also contain minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Consumers in Germany can still buy raspberries harvested until August – this is good for the ecological footprint, as these generally do not have any flight miles behind them, the consumer advocates explain.

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