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Being bitten by these insects at night while sleeping must be very disturbing. Especially if it is scarred and scratched which leaves scars that are difficult to disappear. Mosquitoes also trigger a number of diseases, namely malaria and dengue fever, so you have to be careful.

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First of all it should be known that mosquito do not bite humans for food, because they feed on plant nectar. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they do so to receive the protein from your blood needed to develop their eggs.

So what causes some people to be bitten by mosquitoes more often than others? The following is the review as quoted from on Sunday (14/8/2022):

1. Clothing color

According to CNET, mosquitoes are very visual hunters when it comes to finding humans to bite. This means movement and dark clothing colors like black, navy blue, and red can stand out in the eyes of mosquitoes. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to the color black, but there is little additional research into why this is.

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2. Carbon dioxide

Mosquitoes use sight and smell to find hosts to bite. One of the fastest ways a mosquito can sniff a person is through the carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe. According to research published in the journal Chemical Sensesmosquitoes use an organ called the maxillary palp to detect carbon dioxide and can sense it from 164 feet away.

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Because carbon dioxide is such a huge attractant, people who exhale more – larger individuals and people who breathe heavily during exercise – are more attractive to mosquitoes.

3. Body odor and sweat

The reason people are bitten by mosquitoes more often than others is body odor and sweat. Mosquitoes are attracted to more substances and compounds than just carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes can find people to bite by smelling substances present on human skin and sweat, including lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia.

Researchers are still studying why certain body odors are more attractive to mosquitoes, but they know that genetics, bacteria on the skin and exercise all play a role. Genetics affects the amount of uric acid secreted, while exercise increases lactic acid build-up.

4. Blood type

A common belief is that mosquitoes are attracted to certain blood types, given that mosquitoes bite humans for their blood. Blood types are determined by genetics, and each blood type is made based on a different set of specific proteins, called antigens, on the surface of red blood cells. There are four main blood groups: A, B, AB and O.

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While there is no definite conclusion about which blood type is more attractive to mosquitoes, several studies have shown that people with type O are most likely to have an appetite for mosquitoes. A 2019 study looked at the feeding behavior of mosquitoes when presented with samples of different blood types, and found that mosquitoes were fed more type O feeders than others.

A 2004 study also found that mosquitoes landed on blood group O secretors (83.3%) significantly more than group A secretors (46.5%). However, the research is uncertain, and much is still unknown about mosquito preferences in terms of blood type

5. a

In a small study, mosquitoes were observed landing more frequently on participants after they drank a small amount of beer. But before you vow not to drink beer forever, be aware that this study only had 14 participants, and it was found that mosquitoes were probably only slightly more attracted to people who had been drinking beer. The size and severity of the bite is related to how your immune system responds to the saliva secreted by the mosquito when it bites.

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After knowing why people are bitten by mosquitoes more often than other people, also know how to treat the following itching and inflammation:

– Clean with rubbing alcohol if the bite is fresh

– Oatmeal bath

– Use over-the-counter antihistamines such as Benadryl or Claritin

– Apply a light corticosteroid cream

– Use aloe vera to reduce inflammation

– Try a cold compress

– Even if it is difficult, try your best not to itch too much at the bite to prevent any skin reaction or infection.

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