“Causes of Ringing in Left Ear: Infection and Prevention Tips”

SUMBA STORY – We may occasionally experience a sound or ringing in our left ear, also known medically as tinnitus. If this condition only occurs once and then disappears, we don’t need to worry too much.

However, if tinnitus lasts more than two weeks and is only on one side, consult a doctor immediately. Because the causes of ringing in the ears can vary.

So that the tinnitus problem does not get worse, we must first find out the cause.

1. Left Ear Infection

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The first cause of ringing in the left ear is probably an ear infection. Infection is indeed a common cause of tinnitus. The infection in question can vary.

However, infections that are more likely to cause ringing or ringing in the ears are those that occur in the inner ear or the middle ear. This ear condition is caused by viruses and bacteria that directly damage hair cells.

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