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When you have a problem with your laptop screen going dimmer than usual, it’s often due to low light or lower power. Below you will find tips for this check and correct these settings.

Causes of failure to start

There are many reasons why the laptop won’t boot. Some causes are unexpected, while others occur more reluctantly. Here are some suggestions to resolve any issues with your laptop:

  1. Check if everything is integrated into the device: If you have a problem with your laptop, there may be something wrong with the hardware in the devicesuch as a battery, memory card, or video card. Check that all the things you had built into the laptop fit together, because perhaps something was forgotten by having your dealer or reseller install it in your home.
  2. Try restarting your computer: There may be something wrong with your computer’s internal hard drive, which means that it is no longer turned on when you start up.
  3. There may be something wrong with your computer or graphics card (information tiles). You can fix this by fixing any problems at home before going to school or work. Test with simple programs on your computer to find out what the problem is.
  4. You have to keep your original equipment alive, otherwise the risk is quite high that the problems can no longer be solved by simple methods such as the ones described above. Always have all installed software and drivers up to date before going to school or work. If your computer has been idle for two years or hasn’t been used for more than a year, please contact customer service for the latest news about updates.

Why won’t my laptop turn on?

If your laptop won’t turn on, the power cord may be torn or there may be some other malfunction. Below you will find some tips to solve this problem:

  1. Check if the power cord is connected properly: Slowly pull the power cord across the screen. In clean light it may come loose, but when voltage is flowing it should connect properly. Also see below what you can do if the cable won’t connect:
  2. See if there is any problem with the switch: If your laptop won’t boot, first test if everything is OK with the switches. Look for confusion around those, or check if all buttons are pressure sensitive (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). Something may become detached from the top of the display causing the device to stop working.

Laptop overheating?

Let’s look at the causes of laptop overheating. You may prefer to think it’s due to your consumption, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are several causes that lead to overheating:

  1. Simultaneous use of several applications on the laptop: Even if you make an effort to enable one application, it can happen that multiple applications are activated on your computer. Therefore, be especially careful with your laptop and limit the amount of applications you use to one or two.
  2. Malware inflammation: An error in a file or program can sometimes lead to power up. This malware then manages to wake up a device, filling the computer screen with messages not intended for the device.

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