Causes and Remedies for Itchy Ears and Ear Infections

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Allergies ears It can be caused by several factors, blockages, excessive earwax and certain particles or substances. Quoted from Healthlineexcessive sensitivity of the body can cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Certain cells in the immune system will release histamine. The release of histamine causes itching, increased mucus production and ear swelling. Allergies cause a number of complications, including pain and discomfort ear infection.

Causes of Itchy Ears



1. Ear Infection

Quoted from MedicalNewsToday, ear allergies cause the itching of a developing infection. Bacteria or viruses cause ear infections and earwax buildup.

2. Dry Ears

Ears produce oil and earwax to keep them clean and healthy. Dry ears cause itching.

3. Food Allergies

Allergic reactions to certain foods can cause people to experience itchy ears. For example, food allergies such as milk, fish, shellfish and soybeans. Itching on the face can spread to the ears.

4. Earwax Blockage

Ears feel itchy due to a natural buildup of dirt from the ears or certain substances that cause allergies. Earwax buildup can occur if someone inserts something into the ear canal. This is what connects the outer ear to the middle and inner ear.

5. Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal cavity due to various types of allergens, for example pollen, dust, animal dander. This condition causes various symptoms, such as sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, sore throat or cough. This condition can cause the ears to feel itchy due to the effects of an allergic reaction.

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