Caught Participating in Matchmaking Event, Nikita Mirzani’s Old Face Highlighted: Elly Sugigi’s Cake | POPs – Caught Participating in Matchmaking Event, Old Face Nikita Mirzani Highlighted: Quotes Elly Sugigi.

Imbas admits more beautiful from Corla in thisdigital track record appearance old Nikita Mirzani is viral again on social media.

From the uploads circulating, Nikita Mirzani’s old appearance was highlighted when she took part in a matchmaking event titled ‘Take Me Out’ on television.

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“Nikita Mirzani turned out to have participated in a matchmaking event on a TV station,” accompanying description sound.

In the video, Nikita Mirzani appears to be rejecting male contestants because she feels she is beautiful.

“I’ve always felt the most beautiful,” continue this information.

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Nikita Mirzani’s action, who thought she was beautiful from a long time ago, suddenly drew a strong reaction from some parties.

“A bit like Elly Sugigi huh,” concluded the statement.

This clip from Nikita Mirzani’s old video upload has gone viral again on social media TikTok with 290,000 views.

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“Digital traces of a comb when times are hard” wrote the TikTok account @kiky_debirah, viewed on Saturday (28/1/2023).

Regarding that, a number netizen also gave various responses and comments.

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“It’s so beautiful, Elly Sugigi” wrote a netizen.

“Elly Sugigi is naturally beautiful dear, you can’t do that,” said another netizen.

“Very far from Chintia Corla,” said another netizen.

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