Cattelan out for Covid, Daniela Collu promoted to host-

Covid format TV needs creative solutions. First the guests connected from home, then the conductors themselves pulling the strings of the program from the living room. Lilli Gruber started, the idea also liked by Myrta Merlino, then from La7 she landed at Rai, with Carlo Conti also forced at home to give the times to the lineup of Such and what show. Now it’s up to X Factor. After announcing his positivity to the virus with a post on Instagram, Alessandro Cattelan will not be on stage for the second episode of Live broadcast on Thursday. The presenter Daniela Collu takes her place for one day, hero by chance and for one evening only (except for complications). Already driving Hot Factor, the appointment that collects hot comments after the end of the first evening Daniela Collu had conducted the anti-talent StraFactor for three years from 2016.

Graduated in Art History

A triple jump for one of the entries of Rtl 102.5 who finds herself leading the flagship show of Sky. Born in Rome 38 years ago, graduated in Art History, Daniela Collu started working in the entertainment world as a television author (Big Brother) and became known thanks to his activity as a blogger (Stazitta is the nickname). “Shut up and don’t interrupt me” was the phrase that my mother, in my most “annoying” years, repeated to me over and over again. I was a pain in the ass. When the blog was born it seemed normal to start from there. Today I think that if I had known that this appellation would have identified me all my life, perhaps I would have chosen another name.

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November 3, 2020 (change November 3, 2020 | 21:14)


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