Cats survived Corona: looking for a new home

Hamburg (dpa) – After a negative corona test, two cats were able to leave the quarantine in the Hamburg animal shelter on Saturday. The Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Greifswald has confirmed that the two cats have survived the infection, said the senior veterinarian Urte Inkmann. The Harburg district office then lifted the quarantine. The animals belonged to a woman from Hamburg who died after a coronavirus infection, as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture announced after the first positive test.

So far, a total of five corona cases in cats and two in dogs have been reported in Germany, it said. However, there was no evidence that humans were infected with Sars-CoV-2 in dogs and cats. The most important farm animals such as pigs and chickens cannot be infected.

According to Inkmann, the two Hamburg cats only had a slight cold. One of the two, a red tabby animal, looks very good now. His brown-black tabby fellow sufferer may still have a common cat disease that can occur in animals between the ages of six and ten years. A blood test should provide clarity.

The two neutered tomcats have now moved to the mediation area of ​​the animal shelter and are looking for a new home. Because their original names could no longer be found out, they were baptized Lolek and Bolek. “They are really cute,” said Inkmann. You would have endured all examinations including swabs and disinfectant smell without anesthesia.

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Recommendations for action in the event of corona infections in cats and dogs

Hamburg animal shelter


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