Cathy Hummels: emergency plane landing – “never experienced”

Cathy Hummels, pictured here in an Instagram selfie from April 2022, was forced to make an emergency landing on a plane.

Shock for all fans: Cathy Hummels had to make an emergency landing with a plane. The influencer was actually on his way home. Fortunately, all passengers are safe.

Second shock to Cathy Hummels (34). The influencer has been in Milan in recent days. It’s fashion week there. Of course, the beautiful brunette could not miss it.

The models parade on the catwalk with the most unusual looks. And of course this must also be registered on Instagram. Over the past few days, Cathy Hummels has shared numerous Instagram stories from the fashion event of the year. After all, the 34-year-old is followed by 688,000 fans on the platform. But when Cathy Hummels wanted to go home, something happened that no one expected.

Cathy Hummels: “We just made an emergency landing”

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” says Cathy Hummels in her current Instagram story. There is talk of a frightening emergency landing with the plane. A few hours before the scary event, the influencer explains to fans of her on Instagram that he is still at the airport and her flight is delayed by an hour. Were these the first signs of the imminent emergency landing?

A few hours after the shock: “We just made an emergency landing,” explains Cathy Hummels in her Instagram story. The 34-year-old films from the window of the plane as he stops on the runway. There is already a fire engine and a fireman in front of the car.

The reason for the sudden emergency landing: a fire on the plane! “We’re not allowed out now because the firefighters are coming to see,” says Cathy Hummels in her Instagram story. Of course, the whole process is also recorded on video. You can see firefighters masked beyond recognition, communicating with radio messages via walkie-talkie. All passengers are still seated on the plane as the firefighters walk between the rows of seats.

“Now it has been checked whether it was arson,” he writes Cathy Hummels in the video. “Everyone just wants to go home,” the influencer continued to comment on what was happening. This is probably not how Mats Hummels’ ex-wife envisioned her journey home.

Cathy Hummels: “There was a fire on board”

Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone on board. “I am grateful that we are all healthy,” writes Cathy Hummels in her Instagram story. The influencer has had enough of flying for now. “I’m not getting on any planes today. It’s amazing,” she tells her fans.

After the plane was examined by the fire brigade, all passengers were finally allowed to get off the plane. Cathy Hummels also documents the exit from the car on video. “There was only one fire on board,” writes the 34-year-old, still stunned by what she has just experienced.

Together with other passengers, Cathy Hummels has now opted for the car. This allowed her and her partner to make a safe return trip to Munich. But the influencer reveals one last spicy detail in her story on Instagram.

It was probably the turbines that burned. What exactly caused the fire and whether it was actually arson is unclear. It is important that all passengers on the plane returned home safely. (js)

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