Global Cryptococcosis Treatment, Size, Share, Analysis and Forecast Report to 2026 – Derrière-l’

cryptococcal treatment industry 2020 World Market Research Report provides an in-depth analysis of the market size of cryptococcal treatment, growth, share, segments, manufacturers and technologies, key trends, drivers of market, challenges, standardization, deployment models, opportunities, future roadmaps and 2026 forecasts. Request a copy of the report at The global cryptococcal treatment 2020 market research […]

The pandemic shoots unemployment in the USA to 14.7%, the highest since 1930

By EFE Date: May 9, 2020 WASHINGTON.- Unemployment in the United States soared in April to a rate of 14.7%, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has caused the destruction of more than 20 million jobs, the Labor Department said. In one month, unemployment has gone from 4.4% in March to 14.7%, the […]

Missing signals for the solar industry as part of the EU Green Deal

© Ulrike Leone on pixabay / 10.5.2020 European solar research and industry concerned: Solar energy must be recognized as a key technology. Brussels / Freiburg – The recently officially launched “Solar Europe Now” alliance recognizes solar energy as a key technology for the objectives of the European Green Deal. The new association, which currently includes […]

Öko-Test / Ketchup: Sauce from Heinz, Lidl and Co – result surprised

Öko-Test tests ketchup and comes to surprising results: a classic contains a lot of sugar and pesticides. Cheap sauces get good grades for this. Eco test has 20 different varieties Ketchup examined. Popular brands like Heinz, Knorr and Hela as well as ketchup in organic quality and from the discounter. The results show: The classic […]

Bitcoin survived the site, the first to announce its “death”

To date, the mainstream media has announced 380 times about the “death” of Bitcoin, however, the first cryptocurrency was not only still alive, but also survived the very site that was the first to predict its decline. The CEO of the British cryptocurrency exchange Danny Scott drew attention to this: Reminder: As #Bitcoin approaches $ […]

Berger criticizes the CGT position

“The posture of the CGT is irresponsible and unfounded (…) This closure forced by the recourse of the CGT is very serious”, denounced Laurent Berger on France inter. While the Sandouville factory (Seine-Maritime) had resumed on April 28 thanks to a health protocol validated by the CFDT, CFE-CGC and FO, the Havre court, seized by […]

New technologies: Elon Musk threatens to leave California – News World: Americas

Elon Musk threatened Saturday to leave California, where its only Tesla electric car production site is located in the United States, because local authorities are preventing it from resuming production immediately due to a pandemic. “Frankly, it is the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. Tesla will immediately move its headquarters and future […]