Catch notification! Money fraud gang bought medical gloves worth more than 55 million baht

18 February 2021


Sentinel representative calls out, after defender was deceived to buy medical gloves But no product as agreed, losing 55 million baht

February 18, 2021 at the Suppression Division (BMA), Mr. Thitiphan, Managing Director of Centinel Co., Ltd. brought evidence and documents of the purchase agreement of Nitrile rubber gloves in the amount of 6 hundred thousand boxes, amounting to 111 million baht. With the investigation officer of the Suppression Division In order to prosecute Mrs. Sawanich Kamolthetthong, President of Nicha Hecht Service Co., Ltd., after being fraudulent in selling medical gloves But there are no products as agreed Must have lost a deposit worth approximately 55 million baht from June 2020 to the present. Still have not received the product And the deposit returned

Mr Thitiphan said his company was doing business in supplying rubber gloves overseas. Because during the COVID-19 situation Gloves are in great demand from many foreign countries. The company therefore sought Agency to find And produce rubber gloves As many as desired By Nicha Health Service Co., Ltd. of Mrs. Sawanichkamol It is one of the companies that proposes that they can find rubber gloves. And there are still documents showing that make it credible Along with used to take to see a glove warehouse Makes you feel more confident Therefore agreed to make a purchase agreement for 6 hundred thousand boxes totaling 111 million baht

The company has paid a deposit of half of the total price of 55 million baht and will pay the rest. Within 10 days after receiving the product, but several months later, the product has not been received. The company canceled the contract. Ready to request a deposit back But was evaded to claim that the product will be delivered until now for almost a year, it is not yet clear Jay And get your money back Today decided to report the prosecution to Mrs. Sawanichkamol. Charges of fraud and prosecution to the end !!

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