Catalonia, this land of video games

A pioneer in the development of video games in Spain, Catalonia is also its spearhead. According to Public, the autonomous region brings together all the ingredients to achieve this: a multitude of companies and specialized training courses, the establishment of large multinationals in the sector on its territory and strong promotion of video games.

Video games are living their golden age in Catalonia. The autonomous region has become the “Spearhead of [cette] industry” in Spain, according to the daily left Public. Historically, she was the pioneer. The first video game designed in the country, the Destroyer arcade machine, was owned by a Catalan company.

According to the newspaper, Catalan companies account for 28% of video game production and 53% of annual sales nationally. La Généralité (the Catalan autonomous government) predicts that the Catalan video game industry will reach 700 million euros in turnover in 2022.

This success is explained by the presence of a multitude of companies and start-ups specializing in this field on Catalan soil, details Public. Otherwise, “For years, the headquarters of foreign multinationals in the sector [Ubisoft, Gameloft, King…] are based […] in Barcelona”.

So many companies that can draw their workforce from neighboring faculties and schools. The latter offer a rich range of training related to this industry, which is attracting more and more students, according to the Madrid daily.

A domain trusted by young people

“It is not surprising that the demand for these studies has increased in recent years. In fact, employment in the video game industry is fueled by young workers: 44% of professionals in the sector are under 30, compared to 3% who are over 45 ”, continues Public. While the world of video games remains very masculine, 75% of Catalan companies have “Integrated policies to promote the hiring of women”.

Finally, Catalonia hosts events specially dedicated to video games, such as the Nice One Barcelona trade fair, the last edition of which took place at the end of 2019. Several Spanish youtubers, like the Barcelonan Measure (816,000 subscribers on YouTube), also contribute to the influence of video games in Catalan style, via lives on the Discord or Twitch platforms.

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By its contents and its very attractive layout, this daily newspaper launched in September 2007 targeted a younger audience and more to the left thane the one of the country. After several waves of layoffs, Public ceased to


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