Catalans protest against the presence of King Felipe | Entertainment

entertainment“>The week of the new economy, held both physically and digitally, aims to position Barcelona as the capital of the digital economy with a focus on logistics, e-commerce and digital industry, among others. One of the meeting points is the Estació de França, the railway station where the trains to France traditionally arrived, and where Felipe and Sánchez arrived on Friday morning.

entertainment“>Opposite the station was a large banner of the republican organization Òmnium Cultural, striving for independence, with the text ‘Juan Carlos the first, Felipe the last. Catalonia has no king ‘. From the police fence at the station to the Columbus monument at the harbor, supporters of various political groups had formed a human chain, but with a distance of five feet to make it clear that Felipe is not welcome. Here too there were signs and banners with ‘Cataluña no tenim rei’: Catalonia has no king.

entertainment“>Protests against the king’s visits to Catalonia are commonplace these days. The Spanish central government must show an art of balance in order to take into account the feelings of part of the Catalan population on the one hand and to continue to demonstrate that Felipe is king of all Spain, including Catalonia.

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