Castre. Fair: the indispensable stand for lovers of video games and society

the essential
This year, at the Castres fair in hall 3000, a space is dedicated to fans of controllers, games and new technologies. And this space is always full. Reportage.

It’s a booth that is always full … the geek space managed by Cédric Herbaut is a recreational place par excellence. The young team opened a gaming bar in March 2022: Reload Gaming bar, Pierre Fabre square in Albinque and success is constant. Would like to be able to push walls!

To reach even more people, Cédric, his consoles and board games have taken control of Hall 3000. The principle is simple: “Come, sit down, play!” “, Says Cédric that he welcomes all generations with a smile; children accompanied by their parents, teenagers who are very fond of these games, but also “groups of friends like forty years old like me”, he says, “who are inspired by the passion for the game. The girls are equally passionate! The novice, on the other hand, is taken in hand and guided “, explains Cédric, not stingy in explanations and that we feel happy to share with as many people as possible. Particularly popular are the PS5 with the Fifa game and Mario Kart with the switch.

A race on Mario Kart

Cédric has around 2700 games. He brought 6 consoles to the fair and tries to “manage time according to the world”. A time that does not exceed 30 minutes for board games, so not Monopoly style, but rather quiz, Uno, Werewolf… etc. Cédric has launched a competition during the 10 days of the Fair; a Mario Kart contest where the winner (best time on Bowser’s castle circuit) will receive a Switch light console!

“A new Fifa game will be released on September 30th and will be present at the fair”, an unmissable event for drug addicts. Cédric also provides a virtual helmet for other incredible adventures and sensations! A discovery put to the test by the young François, 10 years old who confirms: “It’s fantastic! Next to her, her sister Justine, 12, exercises her dancing skills in front of a big screen! At home, their mother, Aline, limits play time.
It’s party time here! To top it off, access to the games is absolutely free.
At your commands!

Discover the program for this Monday, September 26th

To start next week on the right foot, some activities will be marked this Monday: In the Geek space (hall 3000), virtual reality initiation at 10:30 and video game quizzes, at 14:30 At the Maison Sports Santé, room 2 : lesson for beginners, from 10:00 to 11:00 Return from the market to the Gourmet Market with Jean-Jacques (guided recipe) at 17:30 Introduction to tasting with V and B, to the Gourmet Market, at 18:30 Creation workshop business with Pôle emploi, room 2, from 14 to 15: 15:00 Floral decoration workshop to reveal your creativity with Les Espaces Verts, room 2, from 17:00 to 18:30 All day: departmental workshop of the road safety with 2-wheel simulator (scooter / motorcycle). Your evening: aperitif-concert “Wait Eh Eve!” », Electro-acoustic trio from 7:30 pm at the Gourmet Market – Tarn Camp Life Tarn.

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