Castelmaurou. Writing: “good” news contest

The city of Castelmaurou will host, if sanitary conditions allow it, its first book fair “Castel en livre” on May 29th. As part of this event, the town hall is offering to try their hand at writing and is organizing a literary competition for young people aged 13 to 17, with parental permission, and adults over 18. Registration is free and open until Friday April 16.

Candidates are invited to write a short story. It is a short text with a simple subject with few characters. The style must be sober and have a psychological, philosophical or scientific approach. The fall is a striking and surprising ending that disconcerts while firmly closing the story.

For young aspiring writers, their imaginations will be tested on a short story entitled “A well-kept secret”. For adults over 18, the news should start with the sentence “One day, in the hall of a station, a man came towards me…”. It’s up to everyone to imagine a sequel that is realistic, historical or fantastic. It must be a text of a maximum of 5 typed pages, one-sided, in A4 format and not stapled.

It is to be hoped that this competition will bring its share of good news, so for that, be creative, be inspired and let your feathers speak! The full regulations can be found on the town hall website.

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