Castalia from Alcer anticipates that Castellón will carry out over 20 kidney transplants each year.

moose castalia He hopes that the province can perform more than twenty kidney transplants a year. Mediterráneo announced yesterday exclusively that the Hospital General He has already carried out the first intervention of this type in provincial history, a historical claim of the group of kidney patients, who have welcomed the news with “excitement” for being, they say, “a historic event”. And it is that, although the hospital had the authorization of the Ministry of Health since the end of 2022 and the medical team of the new kidney transplant unit completed, the Castellón center was waiting to have a compatible donor and recipient. That moment has come to an end and the province is no longer the only one in the Community without this type of intervention.

Waiting lists

Juan Doménech, president of Alcer Castalia, pointed out yesterday in conversations with this newspaper that Castellón “will do great things in nephrology”, praising the General’s team. «In the province we have achieved that the strange thing is not to donate. There is a lot of solidarity in this aspect and a lot of commitment on the part of the families”, Doménech stressed, who recalled that there are a hundred people waiting for this body between the provincial waiting list and what the president of Alcer calls the hidden list, in reference to all those people who already have kidney problems, are undergoing tests and will need a transplant in the future.

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Doménech explained yesterday to this newspaper that, although the frequency of transplants must be set by those responsible for the new unit and the circumstances, the entity he represents trusts that some 20 people can benefit from this transplant a year in Castellón.

Until now, the province was the only one in the Valencian Community that did not have this care service and the people of Castellón had to move to Valencia or Alicante to be able to perform this transplant. In the last seven years, not only those affected, but also social entities and public administrations such as the Provincial Council or the Castellón City Council had demanded the implementation of a service that would start a new era in health matters in Castellón.


Organ donation in the Community approached pre-pandemic levels in 2022 with a total of 544 transplants, 5.4% more than the previous year.

Hospital La Fe was the second in Spain that performed the most transplants, while among the provinces with the most donors are Alicante and Castellón –with 39 donors last year–.

How do I become a donor?

In accordance with current legislation, any person who has not spoken out while alive can be an organ and tissue donor, and in principle there is no age limit to donate. If you consider the possibility of being a donor when you die, all you have to do is communicate the decision to your family or relatives, since they will be the first to be consulted.. If, when expressing his desire, he observes reluctance in his relatives, he argues the firmness of his decision. Although it is hoped that, if necessary, they will respect your wishes, you can also state your desire to be a donor in the last will document. If you wish, you can print, fill out and carry in your wallet the card that can be downloaded in the “Become a donor” section of the Ministry’s website. It will contain your data and willingness to be a donor. For any donation or transplant issue, you can ask for specific information at any hospital coordinator.

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