Casper Ruud Advances to the French Open Final for the Third Time in Four Grand Slams

Ruud reached the final for the third time in the last four Grand Slams.Excerpt from official twitter

【Zhan Jianjian/Comprehensive Report】Another men’s singles top 4 at the French Open. Last year’s French Open runner-up and world No. 4 Norwegian Casper Ruud (Casper Ruud) faced the last three consecutive semi-finals and the world’s 27th. He returned from injury The 26-year-old German fierce player Alexander Zverev, Rudd played a strong stable force, only one game was broken in three sets, and finally won the victory in straight sets in only 2 hours and 09 minutes. Twice to the finals, nearly four Grand Slam finals for the third time, but this year the French Open will compete with Djokovic (Novak Djokovic)!

Both Ruud and Jiverev Jr. are clay court masters. Last year, Ruud broke into the French Open final for the first time, but in the end he was beaten by his master Rafael Nadal and finished second. This year he made a comeback again. He lost three sets in the first five games Breaking into the gate of the finals; Jr. Jivirev suffered a torn ankle ligament in the battle against Nadal in the semi-finals last year. He could only sit in a wheelchair and say goodbye with tears. He did not come back until January this year. Only lost 2 sets in five games and reached the top 4 three times in a row.

Jiverev Jr. and Rudd have played against each other 3 times before, and all 3 times were duels in Masters competitions. In 2021, Cincinnati and Paris Masters Jr. Jiverev won in straight sets, but the last time was in Miami last year. In the Masters, Ruud won 6-3, 1-6, 6-3.

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Last year’s French Open frustrators face off for the fourth time in their careers, but Ruud has an even better advantage. In the first set, the 2nd and 3rd games broke each other, but Ruud broke serve again in the 4th game. After that, the two sides kept each other all the way, and Ruud won the first set 6-3.

In the second set, the 4th game was the most critical. Jiverev once got 3 break points first, but was forced to be pulled back by Ruud. Instead, he was broken in the 7th game, allowing Ruud to win again 6-4. next set.

In the crucial third set, Jivirev was completely defeated. Ruud broke serve three times in a row in the 1st, 3rd and 5th rounds, and won 6 consecutive rounds to win and advance to the final again.

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