Casoria, a group of young girls encircles and hits the same age: the video

The images shared on social media, shot in a commercial park in Casoria, just outside Naples – Facebook Francesco Emilio Borrelli /Courier TV

The complaint comes from the Facebook page of the Campania councilor of the Greens, Francesco Emilio Borrelli. A video, shot in a commercial park in Casoria, on the outskirts of Naples, portrays a group of young girls who surround a girl and start beating her violently. Kicks, punches, thrusting against a teenager who ended up in what appears to be an agreement action between the girls. Orbi bang between girls. The signal that has come to us leaves us speechless. A large group of teenagers – says Borrelli – surrounded a girl who was beaten with impressive violence and brutality. A full-blown ambush. And to think that practicing it are teenagers makes you shiver. “



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