Cases in residences rise to 215 and the DomusVi Lugo center detects another 21 positives among users | Radio Lugo

The residences of Galician elderly registered this Tuesday a total of 215 active cases of COVID-1927 more than on Monday, of which 164 are users and another 51, workers. In addition, those infected in the residence DomusVi Lugo, in the municipality of Outeiro de Rei, have increased by 21 on the last day, up to 39 elderly and five workers with coronavirus.

The number of nursing home users who have contracted the disease, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, amounts to 138 this Tuesday. The main focus remains on the residence of O Incio, intervened by the Xunta, with 89 infected and seven deceased.

In addition to this center, according to the update made with last minute data this Monday, the Orpea Coruña residence in Culleredo has detected another six positives and two discharges among users, with which the number of infected is 33. They also rise, in one, the largest infected in DomusVi Lalín, which accumulates three cases.

As for the staff of these facilities, there are 51 employees who have contracted the disease, after detecting three positive cases and eliminating another two from the list, one discharge and one infected included by an error in the data reported by the centers, according to the Xunta.

Thus, the main focus among the workforce of residential workers is still in O Incio, which continues with 27 cases of coronavirus. Apart from these, there are five in DomusVi Lugo, another five in Orpea Coruña and three in DomusVi Lalín, one less that had been notified by mistake.

Also, there are five in DomusVi Lugo, another five in Orpea Coruña, four in DomusVi Lalín and the individual cases in the DomusVi residence of Monforte; in the residence of Oleiros; in residence of Paradela; residence of St. Bartholomew, on Thursday; DomusVi residence in Barra de Miño, in Coles; Volta do Castro residence, in Santiago; residence the Thirds, in Bull; residence Our Lady of Socorro, in Arnoia; residence of Vilar de Barrio; Santiago Apóstol de Vilamarín residence (Ourense); and in the CRAPD Vigo II.


In the centers for people with disabilities, three workers with COVID-19 remain: one in the Ricardo Baro residence in Aspronaga, in Oleiros (A Coruña); another in the residence of A Braña, in A Estrada (Pontevedra); and a third at the As Flores residence, in Ourense.

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