Case, because the price rush frener: the forecast for the autumn market

Real estate market, autumn clouds

The Italian GDP is doing better than could have been foreseen at the outbreak of the war and with the consequent rise in inflation, the real estate market is doing the same. It is difficult to understand whether GDP has a beneficial influence on the brick or vice versa, certainly at least for the first four months of the other the housing market benefited from a decidedly favorable inertia. The quoted sentence is taken from a report by Assoproprietari edited by Bruno Vettore, member of the Association’s Study Center and president of Renovars Real Estate. The study takes stock of the home market and its critical issues, because, to go back to what we said above, if the Prime Minister Mario Draghi said in recent days, illustrating the data on the GDP, that the autumn presents itself with some concern, the same speech also applies to the brick.

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