Cartwright’s wife could have poisoned him before dismemberment

Law enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg continue to understand the circumstances of the death of rapper Andy Cartwright (real name Alexander Yushko). Forensic experts concluded that the musician could have been poisoned, which led to his death.

Investigators began to study electronic devices seized during a search of the rapper’s wife Marina Kohal… Traces of searches in search engines indicate that before the death of her husband, the woman was looking for where to buy a particular medicine, it is reported “Nevsky news”… The medicine in question is potent and is intended for diabetics.

Law enforcement officials drew attention to the side effects of the drug. A severe overdose can enter a person into a hypoglycemic coma. If a person is not provided with medical assistance in time, he may die.

Marina Kohal is accused of the murder of her husband. The woman herself denies her involvement in what happened… According to her, she found Cartwright dead, and he died of a drug overdose. The examination showed that no prohibited substances were found in the man’s blood.

Investigators do not exclude that Kohal’s wife could have been killed because of jealousy – he had another woman.

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