Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad are considered not prohibited in French law

The Muslim Council of France hopes that Muslims in the country ignore caricatures of the Prophet.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PARIS – Head of the French Council for the Muslim Faith Mohammad Moussaoui urges Muslims in France to ignore the issue of publishing Prophet Muhammad cartoon SAW. He did not want any acts of violence amidst the anger of Muslims around the world over this.

Moussaoui said the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad SAW was permitted under French law. “This same law does not compel anyone to like them, nor does it prohibit anyone from hating them,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (27/10). Ahram Online.

Instead of focusing on the controversial issue, Moussaoui called on Muslims to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. At the time, Rasulullah SAW often ignored those who insulted him with the term “ugly”.

“Isn’t it more in line with the example of the prophet who ignores this caricature and thinks it has nothing to do with our prophet?” said Moussaoui.

France is currently in the spotlight following the beheading of a teacher by his 18-year-old student on October 16. The teacher named Samuel Patty. Before being killed, Patty was known to show cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as part of citizenship lessons.

French public opinion was divided in response to the incident. But President Emmanuel Macron has clearly condemned Patty’s murder. According to him, the incident was an Islamic terrorist attack. Macron emphasized that creating and showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad is part of freedom of speech and expression in France.

Macron also made comments about anti-Islamic sentiment. He said Islam was a religion that was in crisis around the world. Macron’s attitude and comments have drawn criticism from the Arab world, including Turkey and Indonesia.



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