Carstensen Immobilien: excellent real estate agent in Mönchengladbach

(openPR) Many landlords would like to sell a house or apartment in Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Willich or Korschenbroich. As an award-winning and certified real estate agent, Carstensen-Immobilien oversees the sale, rental or appraisal of any property. Whether you are selling a house, renting an apartment or looking for a new owner for a commercial property, Carstensen estate ensures you, as a property owner, carefree all-round service and finds the right buyer or tenant for your apartment or house. Mönchengladbach landlords benefit from a dynamic real estate market with their property.

That Home or the apartment it is the most important possession and a large part of wealth. The property therefore deserves Appreciationthe best price and solvent buyers.

The decision to sell the property is certainly not an easy one. That is why salespeople also place high demands on the customer Partner in real estate sales. Reliability, competence and trust are the be-all and end-all. This is what Carstensen Immobilien stands for.

Carstensen Immobilien: real estate expert for Mönchengladbach

If you get information sooner, you are closer to your goal. Carstensen Real Estate Moenchengladbach offers the premium service if you want to be informed about a property before it is officially marketed. Many landlords have their own reasons for keeping quiet about real estate sales. Some homes are offered as part of a secret sale. They make these exclusive properties available to those who seek them discreetly. The use of the service is free for customers. A fee comes only with a notarized purchase contract.

At the first introductory meeting, the client learns all the important details about selling real estate. Customers enjoy an all-round carefree package. For each property or apartment to be sold, they create a unique marketing package. The necessary steps for the best possible sale of the property are discussed and decided with the owners. We therefore guarantee these services and they constitute an express contractual condition.

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Successfully sell real estate in Mönchengladbach: the Carstensen special model

For the owners who do the sale proceeds today you want for your property, but still few or many years want to live in a family house, Immobilien-Carstensen has one in common Lawyer is one Uses the „Carstensen model” developed.

The owners are entitled to the purchase price immediately and can finally realize beautiful things and make dreams come true. Sellers can then look for a new domicile at their convenience. They are still allowed to do this live undisturbed for a long time in your own home… in some cases this is even possible for life.

Buyers have the advantage of being able to call a well-maintained property their property right now and get monetary benefits in real estate financing.

A classic Win-win situation for both parties. The handling of the delivery and the purchase contract must be individually regulated and adapted to the wishes and needs of the seller and the buyer. The particularities of contract law, the right of tenancy and use and the protection of the purchase price as well as the financing must be contractually regulated. But that is not all. In each individual case there are special characteristics and wishes. These should be taken into consideration. With an individually negotiated contract, we get security for both parties.

Carstensen Real Estate Monchengladbach

Welcome to Carstensen Real Estate. When you sell a house or an apartment, you should choose a real estate agent: – Who do you trust! – Who wins time for you! -Who guarantees its performance! – Who wins the money for you! – Who gives you security! -Who saves you trouble! -Who does it all for you Benefit from an all-round carefree package when selling your home. We will make you excited! Call us on 02161 828144. We are waiting for you

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