Cars speeding by before the fatal accident on the JORR toll road


Toyota Calia numbered F-1303-RS capsized and caused two The passenger died on the JORR. Toll Road Km 5 + 800 towards Kembangan, West Jakarta. The accident began when Calya’s car driven by a man with the abbreviation AK was accelerating.

“The Toyota Cayla vehicle came at high speed and was not careful while driving, then hit a garage in the right rear corner,” said police chief PJR Bitung Korlantas AKP Suwito when he was contacted on Monday (26 / 9/2022).

Accident it happened at 08:32 WIB. The car driven by AK then hit the rear of the car in front of it.


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AKP Hartono, West Jakarta subway police chief, added that braking tracks were found for the traffic accident. However, he did not specify the speed of Calya’s car when the crash occurred.

“Yes, there is,” Hartono said. He replied if there were any traces of braking in Calya’s car.

Child and wife killed

So far the police have not been able to examine AK as the driver of Calya’s car. The reason, AK is currently still under treatment.

There were four passengers in the car. AK and her daughter, initials AL, are currently being treated in the hospital.

“The driver, Brother AK, sustained head injuries and the passenger, Sister AL, sustained head injuries,” Hartono said.

Meanwhile, two other passengers died in place. The two passengers were AK’s wife and daughter.

“Yes, that’s right (the wife and baby are dead). A clear family car,” he said.

Hartono said the investigation into the case is still ongoing. As for any negligence committed by AK, his party still needs time for the follow-up examination process.

“I asked for time for this, yes,” Hartono said.

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