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Carrires-sous-Poissy calls for the repair of the ecological damage

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This time, it is a complaint with the constitution of civil party that the municipality of Carrires-sous-Poissy (Yvelines) filed on February 10 before the dean of the investigating judges of the judicial court of Versailles. Last September, the town had already lodged a complaint against X with the public prosecutor for endangering others and damaging the environment due to the pollution of lead soil and other heavy metals.

The municipality claims nearly 80 million euros in damages, including 60 million for ecological damage. To set this amount, it was based on the loss of earnings linked to the general tax on polluting activities (TGAP), as well as the cost of containment and evacuation of polluted land. I am counting on justice to apply the polluter pays principle in this case. The judge’s instruction must enable us to find the person or persons responsible for this endemic pollution which has completely jeopardized the agricultural vocation of this plain, unbalanced the flora and fauna of our territory and endangered the lives of our inhabitants. , explains the mayor of the town, Eddie At.

The plain of Carrires-sous-Poissy served as a sewer for the Parisian agglomeration for more than a century. The last sludge sludge produced by the Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of the Parisian Agglomeration (Siapp) took place in 2006. In October 2018, Sant publique France (SPF) revealed that certain areas presented unacceptable health risks. The lead concentration reaches 640 mg / kg in some soils, while the maximum concentration in Ile-de-France is 53.7 mg / kg, specifies the mayor. Twenty cases of lead poisoning were detected during the screening campaign that followed the SPF report, he adds.

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Article published on February 18, 2021


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