Caroline responds to the Meiland family’s quarrel

“It is difficult to remain respectful when you hear and read what is being said,” writes the family’s former family friend. ‘This is about me personally and therefore affects me, there are always two sides to the story. I choose to keep this private and remain respectful. That is my choice and I will stick with it. ‘ Caroline later writes that she wishes the ‘Meiland family all the best’ and that she will focus on the future. “Life is about learning and hopefully self-reflection.”

The family got into a fight with her just before Caroline’s departure. This got so out of hand that Maxime was injured and left a scar. This is evident from the biography of Martien. Here it becomes clear that the bomb broke between Maxime and Caroline, when Martien’s daughter expressed her dissatisfaction with Caroline’s mood swings. The family friend would then have said to Maxime that she is a ‘stupid box’. Maxime did not accept this and threw a wine glass at her head.

Reporter Aran Bade visited Caroline yesterday. You can see how she responded to it in the video below.

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