Caroline makes the decision and sends the first man home in B&B Full of Love

Caroline has lived in Bad Kleinkircheim in Austria since May 2019, where she rents out a stylish lodge with five apartments. After a serious skiing accident in 2018, the former flight attendant realized that it is important to chase your dreams. Through her participation in B&B Full of Love she hopes to meet a sporty Burgundian who is also charming. And she is certainly charmed by all three men, but Caroline is having a hard time with all that testosterone and therefore calls a friend for advice.

“There are now three men with me, but quite frankly I think three men are a bit much in the house. So I actually want to make a choice between those three men, but I think that’s actually quite complicated, because I think it’s never nice to hurt someone”, she airs her heart on the phone.

She hopes to get the redeeming answer from her friend. Because: “How do you deliver such a shit message?” According to her good friend, it is important that Caroline is honest and tells what appeals to her less. “He is very present, a lot of talking, leading the way and wanting attention”, confesses the B&B owner. “That doesn’t really suit me either, but I don’t want to seem very blunt either.”

“It is impossible to live my life here with three or four men,” she clarifies again a moment later in front of the cameras. “So I really go for love and then I listen to my heart. And unfortunately that also means that you have to make a choice.”

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So Caroline has made a choice, but whether the soup is also eaten as hot when it is served? We’ll see that tomorrow in another episode of B&B Full of Love at 8.30 p.m. on RTL 4. Or look ahead at Videoland.

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