Carolina Yuste, an actress against injustices

Carolina Yuste (Badajoz, 1991), the actress who made the leap to the big screen with Carmen and Lola, the leading role that the Goya award for best supporting actress in 2019, She is a woman who is turned on by injustices and who defends the word ‘care’ to talk about those issues that for some are vindictive and, for her, ‘are drawer.’ It is concerned about the climate emergency, the increase in racism and hatred, the lgtbifobia and, of course, feminism. Is recording No footprints in Barcelona, ​​a series in which we can see her as the protagonist with Camila Sodi. In addition, this month he returns to the tables with Prostitution, Andrés Lima’s play which, so far, is the job that makes him most proud and has removed him.

I wanted to be a dancer, not an actress. How do you step into interpretation?

Yes, although I wanted to dedicate myself to the arts. Then I saw the option of entering the public interpreting school as feasible. They suspended me. At first I took it badly, but from then on I met a teacher [de interpretación] what changed me chip and then I decided to study how to act, techniques and so on. This made me run again at the same school and they finally approved me. One thing led to another and I got a representative who I have reached up to today.


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