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Carolina Herrera teaches us how to combine the two most elegant colors

If we had to describe the essence of Carolina Herrera with an element of fashion, it would undoubtedly be the combination black and white.

Over the years, we have seen a constant choice for these two colors in each of their looks and it is not a surprise, since the depth of the black merges perfectly with the lightness of the white, giving life to one of the best match of the history of fashion.

We know that the designer is a standard of style and eleganceso from her we have learned that classic will always highlight the natural beauty of any woman.

Carolina Herrera will receive the Spanish Heritage Award 2024

Through the Instagram of your brand, Carolina Herrera announced that she will be honored with the Hispanic Heritage Fashion Award at the 37th Annual Delivery of the Hispanic Heritage Awards at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Opera House in September 2024.

His career is extremely important for fashion, but it is also important for all Hispanics and Latinos who live in the United States, as it is an example of the potential of Latin American countries.

Of course, to communicate this great news, we can see her wearing a new version of her favorite combination that inspires us to analyze the different ways in which she has used it.


How to wear black and white elegantly like Carolina Herrera

Undoubtedly, the most classic duo in fashion is the black and whitewhich has been the favorite of Carolina Herrera for decades to be very elegant.

Among their collections, we have seen different reinterpretations of this duo, so sophisticatedwhich show us that it is a foolproof choice. This formula goes beyond trends or seasons of the year, it has the necessary versatility so that it can adapt to any style and personality.

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